Storytelling with a difference....

Shows which combine stories, music theatre and songs, performed through the medium of a miniature theatre.

'The Tale of Biddy Early'

An original folk operetta, with words and music by Steve Johnston, based on the true life of the famous 'Witch of Clare'. The piece, which is entirely sung, follows Biddy's colourful life from the early days as a young orphaned girl, wandering the roads of Clare; to her discovery of her powers of healing; to her old age, when she was charged (unsuccesfully) of witchcraft by the Authorites.

'The Acorn Man'

A tale with an ecological theme, set in Connemara. Told in rhyming verse and original songs, it concerns the life of a simple shepherd who forested an entire mountain single-handed, in order to bring happiness and rejuvenation to a desolate and forbidding landscape.


'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'

Samuel Taylor Coleridge's epic narrative poem of betrayal and redemption, concerning a sailor, lost at sea among elemental forces, trying to find his way home, across an ocean populated by spirits.

'Francis Flute and the Three Thieves'

A piece for children, told in rhyming verse, concerning a harmless simpleton's love for a princess. To win her hand, he has to solve the mystery of a daring robbery in palace of the king. Somehow or other, despite all the odds, he succeeds...


‘Mighty Tales’ is…

Helen Lane

Galway based singer-songwriter and founder of the all-woman, acapella singing group, the Cappuccinos, she has produced a CD of her songs on the Siren label and has a master’s degree in Community Arts.

Steve Johnston

After many years as composer, musical director and actor with Footsbarn Theatre and Ton Und Kirschen Wanderteater, he founded his own travelling theatre group, Teatro ao Largo, in Portuguese Alentejo.

Music Theatre for the Community

Our delight is in playing small venues – arts centres, village halls, theatre foyers, private parties and even living rooms. We believe in taking shows to the people, especially those who cannot get out to the theatre, such as the elderly and infirm, and those who live in remote places.